It’s Time to Make NYC a Leader in Animal Care

Pitbull in shelter New York City's Animal Care & Control—the non-profit that runs the City’s animal shelter system—is in dire need of reform. AC&C is responsible for rescuing, caring for and finding loving homes for the City's homeless and abandoned animals.

However, adoptions have dropped 37% in the past six years while placements, which pass the responsibility of caring for an animal onto a rescue group, have increased by 70%. Dog licensing lingers at around 10%, and the number of new licenses issued has dropped three years in a row.

The root of the problem is that AC&C lacks the independence, animal care expertise and fund-raising capabilities it needs to properly fulfill its mission. AC&C has experienced years of underfunding, mismanagement and service cuts. In the past 10 years, AC&C has had 8 Executive Directors and has been without a full-time medical director since February 2010.

On January 6, 2013 Manhattan Borough President released Led Astray: Reforming New York City’s Animal Care and Control. The report provides a blueprint for a top-to-bottom restructuring of AC&C into an independent, not-for-profit modeled after the Central Park Conservancy, with a diverse board that can bring new expertise and resources to the City’s animal welfare system.

There are a number of ways you can get involved:

  1. Read the report. Learn more about how we can fix AC&C.
  2. Sign our petition. Signing will help make city government know that New Yorkers want to see change;
  3. Tell your friends about this project through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Join Borough President Stringer in Calling on the City to:

  1. Restructure AC&C into an independent not-for-profit modeled after the Central Park Conservancy;
  2. Substantially increase revenue through aggressive private fundraising and promoting pet licensing compliance;
  3. Commit to building full-service animal shelters in the Bronx and Queens;

Total signatures so far: 15,048